Tuesday, December 11, 2012

mark. Makeup

I've been wanting to do a beauty review for a while now so I went online and ordered a bunch of stuff on cyber Monday. I'm still waiting for it to get delivered. In the meantime I decided to go ahead and review some products that I already have. My best friend sells mark. products and she gave me a few of the products for my birthday in October. With the holidays coming up I thought some of the products on the site could make great stocking stuffers and gifts!
Here's a video review in case you don't feel like reading!

The first product is mark. mascara called lash all you want. I have it in wine. It doesn't go on clumpy which is nice. I'm not used to colored mascara and I haven't really decided how much I like it.
mark. mascara-wine color


The second product is mark. eyeshadow. This palette comes with 3 colors in it: silver, black and green. I really like the silver and the black. The green just looks black when I put it on. I love that they are glittery!
mark. eyeshadow palette
mark. eyeshadow palette


The third product that I got was mark. juice gems lipgloss. Mine is juicy papaya. It's a pretty shade of pink and is glittery! I love that it doesn't go on sticky. I hate sticky lipgloss. It's not my favorite lipgloss, but I will wear it.
mark. juice gems lipgloss- juicy papaya
mark. juice gems lipgloss- juicy papaya


The final product I got was mark. hand it over lotion. The scent is plum berry and it smells amazing! I love this lotion and highly recommend it! It doesn't go on oily which is great and it leaves your hands feeling really soft!
mark. hand it over lotion-plum berry
mark. hand it over lotion-plum berry


Here are some items on the site that I really liked:
This wrap dress is so cute! I love the colors and it's only $36!
Image courtesy of mark. website


I love this cosmetic bag!
Image courtesy of mark. website


This ring!!!!!
Image courtesy of mark. website


You can purchase any of these items here: http://tiaradean.mymarkstore.com/

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