Friday, March 8, 2013

Get to know me: 5 Weird, Random, & Interesting things about Me!!!

Here are 5 weird, random, and interesting things about me. Why? Because I'm running out of things to write about. And I'm awesome! Duh!

1. I weighed 2 lbs and 15 ozs at birth! I was born on October 6 but my due date was Thanksgiving. Talk about making an early appearance. I spent my first month of life in the hospital. Fun, right?

2. I have an extra finger. Don't freak out! It's not as scary as it sounds! It's so tiny that you won't even notice it unless I point it out. It doesn't have any bones and it won't grow. I wanted to have it removed because I think it's embarrassing, butttt the doctor said it's too small. -____- At least mine didn't grow and that I only have one extra body part. There's a guy that has 34 digits! (I will post a pic of mine as soon as I can get a good one of it. As I said it's really small and when I tried to take a pic you couldn't even see it.)
This guy has 6 fingers on each hand!Photo courtesy of Google via
This guy has 6 fingers on each hand!
Photo courtesy of Google via
3. I have seen every episode of Hannah Montana! Hey, don't judge me! We all have our quirks! I still know the whole theme song. And the "Hoedown Throwdown" I knew the whole dance! Sweet niblets! And not gonna lie, but I'm still a huge Miley Cyrus fan!

4. If I could have my dream job I would be an actress, a TV host, a singer, and a successful blogger! I love theatre! I love it so much I attempted to major in it, but then I realized that I didn't want to be in school for an extra two years so I minored in it instead. I also worked on a student run sitcom called Short Attention Span! It was awesome! If I could sing I would blow ya'll out the water! I mean I would tear it up on stage! And I would love to be a successful blogger hence the reason why I blog! Watch one of my favorite skits from Short Attention Span:

5. I hate anything grape flavored. I mean candy, pop, juice, raisins anything grape flavored. But I love grapes. Explain that one...

BONUS: I designed a mobile app! Really, I did! I'm not going to post what it is because I would hate for someone to steal my idea (there are currently no apps like it)! But you know if I ever get the money to get it developed that would be awesome!

There ya go! I'm officially a weirdo, but it's all good! What are some weird, random, interesting things about you?
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