Friday, May 17, 2013

♡ May 2013 Glam Bag ♡

Woot-woot! My May Glam Bag finally arrived!

We received 5 full sized samples this month!

 1. Yaby Concealer- $4.85
 I received the honey colored concealer. I'm not quite sure if it's the right color for me, but even if it's not I'll either use it as an eyeshadow base or pass it on to my sister.

 2. Pacifica Roll-on Perfume- $12
I got the Tahitian Gardenia scent. I really wanted the Vanilla Island one, but I'm pleased with what I have. I rolled a bit onto my wrist and it smells amazing! I definitely wouldn't have bought it on my own.

 3. Anastasia Brow Gel- $22
I've never used brow gel before so I don't have much of an opinion on this product. I'm excited to try it out though and see how it works!

 4. Mirabella Colour Sheers Lipstick- $22
 The color I got is called Posy! It's a really pretty pink. I don't wear lipstick too often, but I'm happy that I got this so I can give it a try.

 5. Zoya Nail Polish- $8
I have mixed feelings about this one. I've never used a Zoya polish before, but I've heard great things about them so I'm happy to be able to try it. The color I received is called Gei Gei and it's a light pink. Pink is my favorite color so that made me happy. But on the other hand I received a pink polish last month. The point of this service is to try new things. This is definitely a color I would buy on my own. However, I am going to try it, but I might pass it on to my sister.

Total retail value of the bag: $68.85! Along with all of the discounts we can receive on all of the products (including the ones we didn't get specifically in our bags) I can definitely say that this bag was well worth my $10. Great job, Ipsy!

Ipsy is a beauty subscription service that sends you 4-5 beauty products for only $10/month! Shipping is free! If you'd like to join Ipsy click here*.

Neya V <3

*Disclaimer: The above link is my personal referral link. I receive a gift from Ipsy when 2 people subscribe using my link.

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