Sunday, June 30, 2013

What's in My Beach Bag

This is what I would carry in my beach bag! Join me on Polyvore and show me what you'd put in yours!
 What's in My Beach Bag

Vera bradley

RIFLE hard case

Almost famous

Wet Seal floppy hat

Benefit voluminous mascara
$25 -

Sun care


Boho Chic

Boho Chic


Wet seal

Warehouse crossbody handbag
$84 -

David aubrey
$115 -

Spike bracelet
$6.10 -

Cream, Black, & Gold

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What's in your purse?

I have officially jumped on the bandwagon and participated in the What's in your Purse tag! Check out my video and drop me some comments! Oh and I tag all of YOU!!! Post your video as a response to mine and I'll be sure to check it out and comment!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

♡ June 2013 Birchbox: An Improvement! ♡

Last month I receive my first Birchbox and I wasn't impressed. I kept my subscription in hopes that it might get better, and I have to say that this month was a nice improvement. While I wasn't 100% happy about my box there were a couple of items in the box that I now love. You can either continue reading or watch the video to see everything I received this month!


First of all, Birchbox changed their design. The box used to have pink letters with a pink box on it. Now the lettering is white with a diamond at the end. I have mixed feelings about it. I loved the pink because it was girly and pink is my favorite color. However, I think the new design works well with both the regular Birchbox and Birchbox Man.

The first item I received is a Birchbbox + Color Club exclusive Wanderlust Collection. This collection is inspired by Birchbox's 4 offices: New York, London, Paris, and Barcelona. The colors are neon pastel and there is one for each city. The color is received is called London Calling. It is like a neon mint green.

I really like the color of the polish, however, I don't like the formula. It didn't go on smoothly which was a disappointment. It took me a few coats just to get an even coverage. So I won't be using this again. The full-size product costs $8 for a set of 4. The sample is approximately $2.

The second item I received is the Davines Love Smoothing Shampoo. This shampoo is 1/3 of a 3 part system. The other parts are the Love Smoothing Conditioner and the Oi/Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion. My card says that I received all three, but the Oil was missing from my box. I haven't tried this product yet, and probably won't until I have the oil to try with it. The full-size of the shampoo is $24. The full-size of the conditioner is $27.50. And the full-size of the oil is $40. This stuff is pretty pricey.

The third item I received is a Laqa & Co. Lil' Lip Duo lip pencil. I'm not sure the name of the color because it's not on the card, but it is a pretty shade of pink. Mine was messed up when I first received it. It was melted to the top of the cap and messy. I did swatch it though and it is very creamy. I'm excited to give this a try. The full-size version is two pencils for $16. The approximate price of the sample is $8. 


The last item I received is an Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser by suki. I absolutely love this product. It smells great (like lemon!) and it feels good on my skin. I've used it about 3 times so far and I have noticed a small change in my skin. Around my nose my skin was very dry and flaky. I kept applying moisturizer to it, but it wasn't helping at all. Since I started using this exfoliate I've noticed that the flakes have pretty much gone away! I will most likely be buying the full-size product which is $32.95.

Birchbox also included these super cute postcards from each of their offices! The theme of the box was travel, so it was a great addition to the box. I'm not sure if I'll actually use them for their intended purpose or if I'll use them as decoration somewhere. We shall see!

One last thing. I did contact Birchbox about my lip pencil being messed up and my missing item. They responded quickly and said that I would receive a replacement box. I don't know if it will be a whole new box or just the item that messed up and the one that I was missing, but I will write an updated post once I receive it. I'm impressed with how prompt they were!

Neya V

*Birchbox- $10/month + free shipping. You get 4-5 samples. You can review the products to receive points and you receive points from purchasing from the Birchbox Shop. You can redeem points for products in the shop!

Friday, June 14, 2013

BB Cream Mini Series: Intro

I've heard so much buzz about BB Creams that I think it's only right for me to try them out. If you're anything like me you hate wearing foundation. I hate how heavy it feels on my skin and it does more than I need it to. My only real use for foundation is to even out my skin tone and to make my skin look hydrated. That's why BB Creams are so appealing to me. BB Creams offer a lighter coverage, while protecting and hydrating your skin, and evening out your skin tone. So far I have 3 brands that I am interested in trying out. Revlon, Maybelline, and Pacifica.

Over the course of the next month I will be trying out these products and writing reviews and updates on my opinion of them. I may add or change a product. For now I plan on only reviewing products that are under $20, but that might change as the series goes on. The first product I will be trying is the Revlon Photoready BB Cream. I chose this product just because of the price. It's on sale at CVS for $4 right now, and is usually $10.99. I couldn't pass it up. Stay tuned for part one of the series!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Budget Friendly Father's Day Gift Ideas

I don't know about your dad, but my dad is the hardest person to shop for. Like ever! I remember being a little girl and asking him what he wanted for Father's Day. His reply? "For you to do your chores." Yea, that wasn't going to happen! Even now as an adult I find it hard to shop for my dad. I think he's the best dad a girl could ask for and I want to get him the best thing possible. But my budget is really small. Here are some gift ideas that won't break the bank!

1. Cuff Links
What man doesn't need cuff links? They are such a great way to jazz up any tux or suit. You can get a nice set from Things Remembered for as low as $30.

Image via Google

2. Gift Subscriptions
If your dad is into trying new products gifting him a few months (or one if that's all you can afford) might be worth a shot. This way he can try a bunch of new products and if he likes something you know what to buy him for the next holiday or his b-day! Check out Birchbox Man, Box of Brew, and Loot Crate. These are all $30 or less.

3. Gift Certificates to the Range
If your dad is anything like my father-in-law a gift certificate to the range is the perfect gift! It's a gift that you know he will use and truly enjoy. You can google your closet range and inquire about their prices.

4. A Beer Mug
This one might be a little impersonal, but once again it's something that he will use. And you could always have it customized with his favorite saying or movie or song quote! If he likes beer he will like this mug!

Image via Google

5. Breakfast in Bed
Wake him up with a warm home cooked breakfast featuring all of his favorite foods. I guarantee it'll be a great way to kick off the day!

6. Dinner
If you can't wake up early enough to make breakfast you can make dinner. And if you can't cook you can take him out for dinner. Make sure you let him pick the restaurant!

7. Movies
Before or after dinner you can take your dad to see the movie he's been raving about! What a great way to spend some time together!

8. Heartfelt Homemade Gifts
You can always tap into your creative side and make your dad a homemade gift. A photo album through the years, coupons, or a personalized necktie.

9. Pocket Knife
A pocket knife or pocket sized multi-tool is always a good gift. If you can find one that has a bottle open it might score you some brownie points!

10. A Cookbook
If you dad loves to cook (or could use some lessons) a cookbook could be a fun gift. The Hot Sauce Cookbook is just one of many great books you can find on Amazon for less than $20.

If all else fails you can buy him a card and some socks or ties. I mean they always need those, right? What are you getting your dad for Father's Day? Would you get him anything off of this list? Sound off in the comments below! Check out my Father's Day Pinterest board with gift ideas!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

♡ May 2013 Birchbox: My first one! ♡

Hey ladies! I signed up for my first Birchbox towards the end of May and I want to share my thoughts on it! I love the box itself! It's so cute! I'm already thinking of ways to reuse it!

When I first opened the box I noticed this card that said "Birchbox beauty diaries". The front of the card was a fill-in-the blank about the box. The back lists all of the products in the box and their full-size values.

Here is a pic of all of the products in the box:


The first item I took out was this Beauty Protector leave in conditioner which protects and detangles. I tried it when I washed my hair last week and I actually really liked it. It didn't do that great detangling my hair, but my hair felt soft after I sprayed it on. And an added bonus is that it smells amazing!

The next item was this Joie perfume (Felle de Joie eau de parfum). The scent is a mixture of mandarin, rose, and sandalwood. I'm kind of iffy on this perfume. On one hand I like the scent, but on the other hand I think it's kind of strong and not really my preference. Also, the full-size cost of this is $98. That's crazy expensive. I will probably be giving this to my mom.

Another item in the box was this Sumita eyeliner in navy. The first time I tried to swatch it it broke which kind of turned me off to it. I don't want to have to sharpen it every single time I need to use it. Other then that I like the color. It's a very rich navy. And it did seem like it was velvety which is how they described it on the card. 

The last of my actual samples was this Coola organic sunscreen. I'm pretty excited to try this because I don't have a sunscreen. Now that summer is really here I need to find a good sunscreen to keep my skin safe! I swatched a bit of it and I did like formula. It wasn't oily which was great. I'm looking forward to getting some uses out of this.

The last thing in the box was a Birchbox find bonus item. It's a Pilot Acroball Pen. When I first pulled this out my first thought was, "Seriously?! They sent me a pen?!?!" I wasn't very happy. Once I learned about the Birchbox finds I got over it. The pen is cool. It's a teal color and writes very smoothly.

I wasn't overly impressed with this box, but I decided to give them a few more tries before canceling my subscription. Hopefully, it gets better! For now though Ipsy is the clear winner!

*Birchbox is a lifestyle subscription service. For $10/month they ship 4-5 products to your door with free shipping. If you are interested in joining Birchbox, click here

 *Ipsy is a beauty subscription service. For $10/month (free shipping) they send you 4-5 products to try. Also, they are very good about giving full-size samples. If you are interested in joining Ipsy, click here

*These are my personal referral links. 
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