Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Makeup Story and Link Up Opportunity

Hey ladies! I thought I'd share how my love for makeup developed. I know a lot of girls grew up watching their mom do her makeup and started experimenting with it in middle school. I did not. You see my mom didn't really wear makeup and she and my dad did not allow me or my sisters to wear it. They were very strict about things like that. We weren't even allowed to wear nail polish unless it was clear or very very light pink! So I grew up with no makeup knowledge whatsoever.

My first impression of makeup was that it was ugly and women that wore it looked like clowns. In my defense every time I went to a department store with my mom and we walked through the beauty departments the women had so much makeup caked on their faces that they really did look like clowns...and I'm very very scared of clowns. So I wasn't too impressed at all. As I got older though my views on makeup changed.

My first experience with makeup was my senior year of high school. It was time for me to take my senior pics so my mom took me to Macy's and had one of the consultant''s pick out some products for a very natural look for my pics. For my pics I think I only wore a little bit of mascara and blush. That's it. I didn't even have my eyebrows done! Oh, the horror!

Sorry for the horrible quality. I have no idea where the actual pics are. 

Once I went to college I dabbled in makeup here and there. I would sometimes throw on some eyeliner if I was going to a party or I would have my roommates do me up. I really didn't know what I was doing. I would usually just line my top lid and throw some shade of brown on it. I also thought that you were supposed to match your shadows to your clothes so I attempted that a few times too. -___- Thankfully, a friend of mine taught me some makeup basics. At that point I became even more interested in makeup.

My biggest introduction to makeup came in the form of a class. I minored in Theatre and one of the electives was to take a stage makeup class. I remember the first lab we did was "perfecting" makeup. It was basically just a lab about enhancing your own features. In this lab we were required to apply fake lashes, eyeliner, mascara, contour and highlight, and the whole nine yards. I didn't know how to do any of it. It was so awkward for me because all of the other girls flew through the lab like nobody's business. I had to keep having the teacher come assist me. 

My very first lab. I could do so much better today!
I can make myself look old!
Maybe I'll do a post one day with more pics from the class! I also learned how to do gore and facial hair!

As the course went on I learned a lot of techniques that could be applied to everyday makeup wear. I learned some tricks for doing my eyeliner (I have very twitchy eyes) and l learned how to line my waterline! That was a huge step. Outside of class I began to practice using everyday makeup. I eventually went to Ulta where I blew a good chunk of my refund check on all of the basic essentials of a makeup kit. Very irresponsible, I know. But I was hooked! 

During the last semester of my senior year I began to watch videos on Youtube to learn how to do makeup. Andrea's Choice became my favorite channel to watch. I kept practicing everything I was learning. In November, I heard about Ipsy from a few girls I follow on Instagram. I thought it was a great way to get into the beauty community and learn even more. In December I posted my first video. 

Fast forward to June. I am a makeup junkie! I'm always looking to try new products and new looks. I recently decided to be more dedicated to my passion which is how this blog came about. Makeup to me is a great art. It's like my face is the canvas and the makeup is the paint. There are unlimited possibilites. I never realized how rewarding the beauty industry could be until I developed my love for makeup. I can't wait to see where this course takes me!

What's your makeup story? Link up with me to share your story! 
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