Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July Favorites!

Hey ladies! Holy cow! I can't believe July is already over. I want to share some of my favorite things from the month of July-not all of them are beauty related!

1. Beauty Detangler- I got this product in my May Birchbox, but I really started using it in June. I love it! It makes my hair very soft and easy to comb through. It also helped cut down the time I spent blowdrying my hair. I also like the way it smells. I'm not really sure how to describe it though.

2. Suki Exfoliate- I got this in my June Birchbox and I have already used the whole sample! I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've actually finished a sample. I love the way this product smells. It smells just like lemons! After using it my face always feels soft and smooth. My nose had been really dry and flaky and I had blackheads around it. Once I started using this exfoliate it cleared right up. I didn't think to take pics before I started using it, but I wish I had so you could see the difference. I even got my husband hooked on this! We will definitely be purchasing the full-size product.

3. High-waist shorts- For the longest I hated high-waist shorts. I thought they were ugly and out of date. Now I love them. I bought 3 pairs alone in June and I'm looking to add to my collection! I like to pair them with either a simple v-neck, a flowy top, or a tub top that stops right at the waist band. They are so cute and stylish and anyone can pull them off!
via Forever21.com

4. Sno Cone- I haven't had a sno cone in years! So while at an art fair I couldn't resist the temptation and had to have one! It was coolly delicious!

5. Marshall's/ TJ Maxx- These two stores are definitely the places to be! You can find such great deals there. I found these Nail Laquers by Sation for only $2.99/piece ($8/piece retail)! I got a great deal on these body butters by Pacifica! And I found a Coach glasses case for only $6.99! Now you know that's a great deal!

6. BB Cream's- I've been on the hunt for the perfect BB Cream! I have 2 brands that I have tried out during both June and July that I am really enjoying. I would tell you about them, but you'll just have to wait for my BB Cream Mini-Series Part One to premiere!

7. Denim Vests- I love that Denim is back in! Denim vests are so easy to wear. They can easily complete any outfit. I love wearing mine with a maxi skirt and racer-back tee or with a skater dress and a cute pair of sandals! There's so much you can do with them that it's hard to go wrong!

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