Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lash Bash Party: The Goodies

Hey ladies! Here's another Lash Bash Party Update for you! I finally got my Lash Bash kit in the mail! Here's a video of the unboxing:

Here are pics of all of the goodies:

This is a letter they sent us with details about the party. It lists everything in our kits and some game suggestions.

These are the super cute gift bags they sent us to put the goodies in!

This is a catalog from Spring 2013.

How cute are these napkins?

They sent us samples of They're Real! mascara...

...SugarBomb Lipgloss...

...and Benetint for our guests.

As hostesses we received several full sized products. We got this cute cosmetics bag,

two Gimme Brows,

they're real! mascara,

hervana blush,

peek-a-bright eyes set,

and two creaseless cream eyeshadows in bronze have more fun and bikini-tini.

The last couple of things we received are a realsies photo frame to hold up during pics to show off our lashes and some awesome coupons!

I'm so excited to be hosting this party. Be sure check out my party planning phase to see all of my decor!

Are you throwing a lash bash? How excited were you when you got the kit? What would you do to go to a lash bash if you are not hosting one?

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