Friday, October 4, 2013

Camera and Lighting Issues Addressed

Hey loves! I just wanted to take a moment to address my lighting and camera issues. I know I keep saying in my videos that I'm working on it, but nothing has changed yet. I don't want you ladies to think that I'm just going to keep saying that without actually making any changes. So here's the background on why it's the way it is now and why it hasn't changed.

If you've ever read any posts on my other blog you may know a bit of this. In May of 2012 I graduated from college. In June of 2012 I got married. And in July of 2012 I moved to Virginia from Michigan. My husband is in the Army Reserves and his unit was in Virginia which is why we made the move. Within a month of us being there he got called to Active Duty to go to the Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC). We had only been there for a month and had not found full time jobs yet and we didn't have a lot of money saved up. I couldn't go with him to training and we only had one car so I ended up going back to Michigan and staying with my parents for the duration of his training (4.5 months). We put all of our belongings in storage, packed up our car, and got on the road.

Once back in Michigan I tried working but not having reliable transportation and no direct access to public transportation made it hard and I ended up leaving my job. That's when I really got into my beauty blogging. I had tons of time of my hands so I spent my time experimenting with makeup. Around December my husband decided that he wanted to go to another training school, but that he would have to switch to a unit that had the component to send him. There were none in Virginia, but there was one in Michigan so we decided to move back home.

Once he graduated from training and came back to Michigan we moved in with his parents until we found jobs and got on our feet. And since his transfer wasn't complete and could be denied we decided it was best not to get our own place yet. We figured we'd wait a couple of months for the transfer to be complete and by then we'd have full time jobs and we could move. We were wrong. His transfer will finally be complete in October. We didn't find full time jobs until July and September. And we're still living with his dad. Just last week we finally retrieved all of our belongings from Virginia.

Living with others have made it difficult for me to film. Unfortunately, there's not much space in our bedroom so filming in there never looks good because there's too much in the background. I've tried filming in other places in the house, but I never can find good lighting. Sometimes I go to my parents house to film because they have a lot more space and it's easier to find good lighting. The problem there is that I have 6 younger siblings, 5 of which are under the age of 16 and still live at home. Finding a quiet place to film is almost impossible.

My husband and I are finally getting on our feet and are on a waiting list for an apartment. As soon as we move I will be setting up a little studio are for me to film. I have a cousin that got her degree in Media and Film Technology (something like that) and she's going to help me set everything up for great shots.

In regards to the camera I currently film directly onto my Macbook. My mother-in-law had given me a pretty decent camera to use and it was working fine, but for some reason now it's not capturing any audio and I haven't been able to figure out what the problem is. So I've been using my computer instead. The quality sucks and I know it does, but I'm determined and won't accept that as defeat. I will hopefully be getting my new camera in November and will finally be able to product quality work.

If you have actually read this whole entire post thank you so much! Please don't give up on me and watch out for better content. I know I am capable of much more and I can't wait to share all of that with you! 

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