Friday, November 8, 2013

Shop My Stash Intro & Week 1 FOTD

Hi loves! My good friends +Liz Outh of My Pretty Obsessions and +Shalunya TheChronicBeauty of Shalunya and Boyet are doing a wonderful challenge called No Shop November and a series called Shop My Stash. I had already placed an order with Sephora before I heard about the No Shop November challenge so I've already failed at that. But I've decided to not buy anything for the rest of the month!

The Shop My Stash series is what I'm most excited about! Not buying any new products and forcing myself to rediscover the products that I already own is pretty exciting! Going through my makeup collection was pretty fun. I had so many products that I totally forgot I had and I had some that I had never even used before (thank you Ipsy and Birchbox for the never ending samples)!

I've decided to break my series down into the following:

Week 1: Eyes
Week 2: Face
Week 3: Hair & Nails
Week 4: Lips

My goal for each of these weeks is to post at least 3 different looks! I'm a little behind with this week being almost over, but I promise I won't disappoint! In fact I'm going to start week one right now with a FOTD!

Today I chose to use a couple of eye products that I have been neglecting! About 4 or 5 months ago I bought this Urban Decay Ammo Palette from Once I received it I realized that I didn't love it that much and I never used it. Today I decided it was the perfect day to break it out. I chose to use the color Last Call. I felt like it was a perfect shade for fall and it went great with the gold loose eyeshadow from NYX that I was going to use.

Don't mind the background...I was at work lol
I have really wrinkled eyelids lol
Like really wrinkled lol

I kept this look really simple. I used the NXY Loose Pearl Mania Eyeshadow in gold across my whole lid. Then I put Last Call from the Ammo palette in the outer crease. I used my Maybelline Master Precise by Eye Studio Liquid Eyeliner Pen and my Maybelline Mega Plush Volume Express Mascara to finish off the look.

So there you have it! I successfully shopped my stash! I'm happy I chose these products to start with! I really like the eyeliner. I'm not sure why I stopped using it, but I know I'll definitely be using it more now. The mascara will never compete with my They're Real! obsession, but it's still a nice mascara!

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